Your home is the most important asset you have, and one of the biggest investments you will make.  So when you’re ready to build, renovate, remodel or its time to get some repairs done, get yourself the best General Contractor in the business and one who cares!

The Family Handi-Man has been serving Georgia since 2000.  We have been in business for over 38 years, specializing in residential construction. We only use the best materials available, and we hold ongoing training and safety seminars to ensure the procedures we use are up-to-date and meet or exceed all building codes. 

We are fully licensed, insured and bonded in Georgia. The Family Handi-Man offers warranty for all services provided. Most importantly, we work hard to finish each project on time and under budget.

"No job too big, No job too small, We do it all"

"They are very professional, informed in their work..."

Donald S., Augusta, GA

Why Choose Us? 
1. Customers come first.
2. We do what we say we're going to do, within an agreed timeframe.
3. Your satisfaction is  guaranteed.
The Family Handi-Man